Monday, May 25, 2015

Why Young Boys Should Dance

As a mother of a nine year old son and a former Ballet dance student, I’ve always witness the lack of participation of boys in dance, particularly in Ballet. From a young age, boys are mainly enrolled into sports as a way to fuel their energy, while girls tend to start dance lessons. However, in the last fifteen years, I have observed an enormous participation of young girls in sports as well as a rapidly growing acceptance of women’s sports.
While there has been a considerable immersion of young girls into sports, there has not been the same progress with young boys into the dance arena. Probably, the main reason behind it is the perception that it’s an activity exclusively for girls. But what most people don’t know is that dancing can be as physically and mentally challenging as any sports. So let me fill you in on the many benefits of dance for boys. After reading this, you will realize that young boys are missing out on valuable skills!.
Some of the benefits of dance for boys are:
  • Dance is a safe and constructive way to express their emotions: Dance doesn’t have the dangers of injuries resulting from body contact present in most sports. At the same time, it’s a constructive way of express their feelings and as an example just watch the movie Billy Elliott!.
  • It teaches them control of their body: Dancing offers young boys the opportunity to be aware of their bodies and to multi task using their brains and body parts.
  • Dance makes them more confident and improves their self-esteem: As young boys learn to know their own body, they become more confident and feel better about themselves.
  • It teaches them respect: Dancing involves courtesy and consideration towards other people.
  • Dance has multiple health benefits: Dance has many health benefits, such as improving body image, attentiveness, communication skills, as well as reduction of stress, fear and anxiety.
  • It’s a nonthreating way to connect with girls in the teenage years.
  • Dance provides them with a social advantage: A teenage boy who is a confident dancer has a social advantage over his less confident and able peers.
Dance can bring multiple benefits for young boys and while they may not see it, dance provides them with skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. As a dance expert says "Boys quickly learn that a lad who knows how to dance can get any girl in the room onto the dance floor!".
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Health Benefits of Dance

You may not realize it but dance is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. Among the many benefits dance can help you lose weight, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and make friends. Read on as we’ll look into some of the amazing health benefits of dance. I promise you, after reading this, you would want to start dancing right away!.

Some of the multiple physical and mental benefits of dance are:

  • Boosts your memory: Dance boosts your memory and reduces the probability of developing dementia later on. Science has revealed that dance reverses the volume loss of the part of the brain that controls the memory (Hippocampus).
  • Flexibility: Dance helps you to increase your body flexibility, ease joint pain and post exercise soreness.
  • Stress relief: Dancing with a partner to the rhythm of music can help you to lower stress levels.
  • Reduces depression: Dancing helps you to produce natural antidepressants (endorphins) while you are having fun.
  • Helps your heart: Dance helps people with cardiovascular disease to improve their heart health, breathing, and their quality of life.
  • Body weight: Dance training is a fun option to lose weight while increasing your aerobic power.
  • Muscle tone: Dance requires fast pace movements involving difficult postures and muscle resistance.
  • Posture: Dancing requires a good posture and helps you to develop a better control of your body balance.
  • Energy levels: A weekly dance program can improve your physical performance and increase your activity levels.
  • Make new friends: Dancing helps you to make new friends and become more socially engaged, which leads to increased happiness, reduce stress and a stronger immune system.

Whether it is ballet or ballroom, clogging or jazz, dance is great for helping people of all ages and physical abilities to exercise while having fun. So if you are tired of the treadmill and looking for a fun way to stay fit and healthy, it might be time to kick up your heels!.

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